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Eddie George's 27 Grill

We had dinner tonight at Eddie George's 27 Grill in the University District.

The wine was good (from what my sister said), and the drinks well-mixed (again, the opinions of others).

The food? Hit and miss.

The appetizers were, far and away, the best thing about the meal. I had roasted red pepper hummus, which was some of the nicest hummus I've had. Salty, garlicky, and red peppered. Yummy! The calamari and shrimp were very tasty as well, and the Buckeye Nachos - yum!

Entrees were a chorus of "meh" all around, however.

Two of us had a turkey burgers that were unintentionally seared within an inch of charred. Maybe the grill person thought it should be cooked like ground beef? The hamburger another person had was cooked the same way.

My husband had a chicken club wrap, which he said was "good, you can't mess something like this up."

Two of our group had fish - tuna steak and grilled salmon - overcooked and served without sauce or seasoning.

Chimichurri was ordered, deemed "pretty good."

All in all, I'd say it's definitely a place to hang at the bar, drink and have appetizers while you watch the playoffs. Then grab dinner at The Happy Greek down the block.

Anyone else have a similar/different experience?
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