Lucy Snyder (las) wrote in columbus_eats,
Lucy Snyder

Amazon Grill Steak House

This is a new Brazilian-style steak house that opened up very recently at 245 E. Campus View Boulevard (it's in the Crosswoods shopping center off High north of 270 in Worthington). It's pleasant place to go if you're looking for nicely grilled all-you-can eat steak, chicken, sausage, turkey, and beef kabobs. All the meats I had were very good, and the iced tea was unusually tasty. I was pleased with everything but dessert (we had the flan, which was extremely average and thus seemed overpriced).

It's good for a date or a special occasion, but too expensive for regular visits on a student budget (it's a flat rate of $22 for dinner, not counting drinks, dessert, and tip). Vegetarians can get a very decent meal from the food bar, which offers salads and tasty side dishes. Vegans and those keeping strictly kosher will want to give this place a pass, though.

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