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Kroger issues

Has anyone else had issues with Kroger products being sold after the sell by date or spoiling before the sell by date? In the past month I've had two gallons of milk go bad, one before the sell by date. One turned out to have a sell by date that expired the day before we purchased it (yes I didnt think to check...partially my bad but who expects a large chain to have an issue like that?). More recently we bought pre made chicken kabobs from the butcher counter. Kept in a 36 degree cooler they spoiled two days later, two days before the sell by date. By spoiled I mean when the plastic was removed it was so spoiled it smelled liks sulpher.
When I took them back, I didn't make a fuss, just asked for an exchange so I could safely eat what I planned to eat. They didn't have the same kind, when I asked for slightly differently prepared chicken kabobs (no marinade vs the ones I had were marinaded) they asked I pay the difference between the two. I didn't think that was kosher, after all it wasn't my fault that their product was misdated and they couldn't offer me an exact exchange. Admittedly, the difference was only four dollars (for the same friggin weight of chicken! love those price fluctuations) but the onus was on their side not mine. Finally, after going back and forth with the counter lady for a few minutes, she rolled her eyes, deleted the purchase and said "just take them".
As she didn't give me a reciept, I'm assuming that the exchange wasn't recorded either.
Yes I did eventually get a fair trade, but it wasn't through an automatic effort of their customer service policies. I would suggest people keep an eye out for the "sell by" date when they shop there.
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