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review of z cucina in grandview

my husband and i love italian food, and we're always looking for new restaurants to try out. needless to say, we were delighted to see z cucina take over the storefront formerly occupied by zing in grandview. about two weeks ago, we decided to dine there, and i'm sad to say we were sorely disappointed by the experience.

when we arrived at the restaurant, it seemed busy for a weeknight (it was a monday) but we only waited a few minutes to be seated. it was completely downhill after that. our waiter did not approach us for almost 10 minutes after we sat down. we saw him bustling around the other tables, and he walked by our table several times, but not once did he make any indication that he had either seen us or that he was going to attend to us any time soon. when he finally made it to our table, he asked us if we wanted anything to drink, and we declined, asking only for waters with lemon. at this point we were ready to order our meals, but he hurried away before we could do so. it took him almost 10 more minutes to return with our waters, during which time he brought out salads to another table, desserts to another table, and chatted with the occupants of yet another table. after several trips back to the kitchen, i wanted very much to suggest that he learn to multi-task and bring out items for multiple tables in the same trip. (in case you're wondering, despite his inadequacies he seemed like a seasoned waiter, rather than a newbie.)

we started with the calamari, the highlight of which was the marinara dipping sauce that it was served with it (a little sweet, but overall tasty). the calamari itself was somewhat bland, largely due to the fact that the breading did not at all adhere to the squid. by the time we finished eating it, we had half a plate left of just breading.

i ordered the chicken parmesan, and received an enormous chicken breast that was drowned in sauce and cheese. it was completely unimpressive for a number of reasons. first and foremost, the chicken was extremely dry because it requires an inordinate amount of cooking time to prepare an entire chicken breast. it was not at all pounded out, and it was tough. the sauce it was served with was plain and yet overwhelming because of sheer quantity. and finally, the pasta was somehow not al dente, not overdone, and also not underdone. it was just...alarmingly chewy and gross.

my husband's meal was not much better. he ordered some kind of pasta alfredo with chicken, and the sauce was extraordinarily greasy, rather than smooth and creamy. in addition, his pasta was also chewy, and stuck to his teeth terribly. we left most of our respective meals uneaten on our plates.

some other observations of note:
-our waiter continued to provide less than stellar service. he did not once check back with us after we received our meals, even after the crowd cleared out of the restaurant.

-also, halfway through the meal, i looked back towards the kitchen and noticed one of the chefs guzzling soda from a pitcher in full view of the dining room.

our bill totaled approximately $50 with the tip (not money well spent), and we left the restaurant disappointed and vowing never to return.
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